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Could Bonds end up on the A’s?

September 28th, 2007

Well the A’s have had a dissapointing season plagued with injuries. It’s time to wrap up my writing for this season, by talking about the hottest potential free agent on the market this year for the A’s. I know some may not want Bonds to go to Oakland, but as a bay area baseball fan, I would love to see him come over and DH. Oakland had talks with Bonds last year and the GM has said they would sign anyone if it was for the right price.

The question is, will Bonds want to take a paycut to go to Oakland? I don’t know, it would depend on the demand and how bad Bonds wants to play. I don’t think Bonds wants to take a paycut, but I do know he is eager to stay in the game as Bonds is one of the most determined ball players ever.

Bonds could prove useful for leading A’s relatively young and inexperienced hitters. When Thomas came on the team 2 years ago he helped get them to the playoffs. I believe Bonds could fill the same role and help get them to the playoffs again. I say overall it’s probably less than a 25% chance we’ll see him on the A’s. He might retire and just say screw it since he is off his Giants, or wind up on a long A.L struggling team like the Royals or Devil Rays.

Well, thanks for reading my A’s blog and I wish you the best of luck. I hope you will visit this blog again, when I resume blogging next spring. Feel free to continue to leave comments on any of my blog posts.


8 Responses to “Could Bonds end up on the A’s?”

  1. Chris

    I agree. I think A’s revenue will go up too, a lot of the Giants fans will buy season tickets for the A’s just so they can watch Bonds in his final season. It would probably wind up biting the Giants in the ass for letting him go.

  2. steve

    Bring barry to oakland!

  3. Christie Bahna

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  4. Oakland Athletics #1

    According to a news article that came out a few days ago, bonds’ agent says he is looking for a team that has a chance to win the world series. I’m not sure if the A’s fill that requirement though.

  5. Oakland Athletics #1

    This artilce written awhile back also seems to think Bonds is most likely to go to the A’s of all the teams.


  6. Oakland Athletics #1

    With the indictment it’s hard to say what will happen now.

  7. Oakland Athletics #1

    Jim Leyland spoke with Bonds and said he wants to play in 08.

  8. Oakland Athletics #1

    Looks highly like Bonds will wind up on the A’s if he is signed somewhere.


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